Victoria Hannah is a bespoke Bridal & Evening Gown label situated on Sydney’s Lower North Shore, synonymous with careful attention to design, fit and fabrication for the discerning woman exuding class, confidence and individuality.

Victoria Hannah – A personification of class and style

HR_WEB_12_30492Trained initially at the New Zealand College of Fashion Design and then the Auckland Technical Institute (now the AUT), Victoria’s natural flair for design and technical patternmaking was guided by a demanding German tutor (something she is very grateful for now).

Victoria then moved to the fashion hub of London where she developed a love of draping for both Bridal & Evening Gowns. During this time, she started her own exclusive bespoke bridal and tailored daywear business, which serviced individual clients as well as high profile companies in London. She also regularly travelled to Paris to look at the upcoming fashion and fabric trends in search of inspiration.

Along with her expertise in structured tailored wear, this all made her one of Sydney’s most sought after and respected patternmakers when she returned to Australia. After working for numerous companies in Melbourne and Sydney, she now freelances exclusively for Willow & Lover. This has all given her an edge in producing individual gowns for women desirous of a directional look as well as immaculate tailoring and fit.

Victoria particularly enjoys designing gowns for clients who want a flattering look and a clean silhouette, including plus-sized women. A beautifully designed and sewn gown made specifically for curves can both disguise and enhance, resulting in a delight for both client and designer. Whereas simply swathing a figure in layers of fabric, or constantly using ungainly asymmetric hems, can give an unappealing and messy result.

A simpler yet stylish gown with a little beading or crystal embellishment will give a much more elegant look.


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