Initial consultation

If you have any design ideas, you should bring them to your initial consultation. These might be design, colour and/or fabric concepts. Magazine or Pinterest images are also useful. Once we've had a chat about what you want, we'll draw up some rough sketches, which will form the basis of the gown's costing, along with your thoughts about fabric. From ethereal and flowing to a structured fitted look, there are ways to both disguise and enhance your silhouette. At this stage, a deposit will be required before the gown is sketched in detail.


Once every detail of your gown has been designed and confirmed, a bespoke pattern and toile will be created. This pattern is specifically made for your figure, so that your gown will fit you perfectly. Incremental payments will be required throughout the process from this point onwards.


With your pattern finalised, it's time to look at fabric swatches and decide what will be used in your gown. Then it's time for the cutting and machining process to begin. There's nothing more for you to do now – so just sit back and relax while you wait for your first fitting!


Depending on how much embellishment is going to be on your gown, you may need to have several fitting consultations. Your final fitting is usually three weeks before your special event. A final fitting is vital to account for any weight loss and any last-minute alterations required.


A mirror doesn't tell the full story. Photographs give an objective view that can clarify your ultimate vision for your look. It is also a vital tool for the design process. For this reason, photography will be used from your initial consultation all the way through to your final fitting, for the benefit of both designer and client.

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